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LEGO Hero Factory Dunkan Bulk and Vapour 7179

LEGO Specialset från 2010. Attention Hero Dunkan Bulk: Vapour has just been spotted causing major mayhem and must be stopped. Report immediately to the Refitting room to be mission-equipped with a high-tech breathing helmet, charged jet pack and a special weapon for each arm. Only this specialized equipment, combined with your strength and experience, can withstand Vapour's dual tube-fed cannons that shoot corrosive vapour. Battle Von Nebula's henchman Vapour! Includes Dunkan Bulk and Vapour plus special weapons and accessories Both figures over 6' (15cm) tall

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Artikelnummer: 7179
Antal delar: 89
Rek.ålder: 8-16
I standardsortimentet: Nej
Pris/del: 6,73 kr
Ej lämplig för barn under 3 år.
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